Visiting golfers from other golf clubs are very welcome during the week and at weekends. We have very competitive green fee rates and you can enjoy a round on our scenic and uncrowded course. Some Tee times are reserved for Club competions which are played Sunday mornings (8:00AM - 1:00PM), Tuesday afternoons (1:00 - 2:00PM) and Wednesday afternoons (1:00PM - 2:00PM), other than that you will find an uncrowded course. 

Visitors Green Fees:  (click here)  Note: at present all green fees are required to be paid in cash.     

Location: Google Maps Here


KGC is a members club and not a municipal public golf course. Where visitors are not members of another golf club, the maximum number of visits is restricted to 5 number per season. Following which that person is required to become a full member in the respective catagory.        

Dress code: We do accept fashion changes very quickly, our general principle is quite relaxed, all we ask is that smart, recognised golf clothing is worn by members and visitors to the course as follows:

  • No collarless T-shirts, Rugby Shirts or Football shirts (only recognised golf attire allowed).
  • Shorts must be tailored (Not Beach Style or Sports Shorts).
  • No Denim Jeans
  • Suitable Golf Shoes.

If you arrive to find the gate to the course is locked, you will probably be playing “Millionaires Golf” – you will have the course to yourself.

If this is the case, please ring the number displayed on the gate and follow the instructions provided below:

          - Please ensure the gate is shut after entry before proceeding to the           course.

          - If you are the last person to leave the course, at any time during the             day, please ensure that the gate is shut and the combination is                       secured.

          N.B. Please do not assume that someone else will be coming up after           you.

          - Please also ensure that the combination number is scrambled after           applying the lock to the gate.

          - On arrival at the Club house please complete the visitor book in the           reception area and place your green fee in envelope provided and post           in the green fee letter box alongside the defibrilator in the reception           area. We operate an honesty green fee arrangement.